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Styles Tab

Surveys Styles Tab

Use the styles tab to change the look and feel of your survey.



Layout Settings

Here you will find your survey layout settings.

Inline Survey: Inline surveys give you the ability to put form inputs side by side instead of all inputs being below one another.


Show Label

If you do not want to show the input field label, you can turn it off here.



Background Color

Change the background color of your survey.

Font Color

Change the font color of your survey.




Give your survey a border hereby increasing the width of the border walls



Corner Radius

Corner radius will change the corners of your survey form’s shape and squared off, to rounded.


Survey Width

Change the total width of your survey to better match the page you are embedding into.


Custom CSS

You can fully customize the look and feel of your surveys with custom CSS! Change things like shapes of input fields, colors, buttons, etc.


We recommend you speak to a web developer who knows CSS if you are unfamiliar with this.



Agency Branding

Choose whether or not you’d like your company logo in the corner of every survey here.


Change Background Image

If you’d like to use an image as a custom background, you can upload it here.


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