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Steps Tab - Funnels

Steps Tab


To learn more on how to build a Funnel, check out the “Website and Funnel Training” section under the “Advanced Training” help center menu.​


In this section of the guide, you will learn how to alter the Step tab within a funnel. To start, choose one of the funnels you have previously developed. Upon selection, you will be automatically taken to the Step tab, where you can implement any necessary changes and fine-tune the components as per your requirements.


Funnel Header

Upon arrival, you’ll notice a header presenting several sections to explore. Each of these sections caters to distinct aspects of your sales funnels, providing valuable tools and resources tailored to your needs. For a more in-depth understanding of each section’s functionality, feel free to access the interactive guides available, designed to help you make the most of your sales funnel experience!



Funnel Steps

Funnels utilize steps to guide customers towards completing a specific call-to-action, such as booking appointments.


Within the steps section, you have the capability to develop new funnel pages, arrange the sequence of your funnel steps, and incorporate products into your funnel. This allows for a streamlined and effective process, ensuring a smooth customer journey towards the desired action.



Funnel Actions

As an administrator of your CRM location, you’ll have access to several buttons that provide additional functionality. These buttons enable you to duplicate and share your entire funnel with another CRM location or delve into the details of the URL path information. This added level of control and customization allows you to manage your funnels more effectively and collaborate with other CRM locations as needed.



Funnel Steps

On the left side of your page, you will see a selection of created funnel steps especially tailored for this particular funnel. It’s incredibly simple to move these according to your own particular preference—simply click and drag and drop to the position you’d like it in.



Add New Funnel Step

To incorporate a new step into your funnel, simply click on the green Add New Step button. This action allows you to expand and customize your funnel further, ensuring it meets the specific requirements of your marketing strategy.



Name Your Funnel Step

It is essential to assign a name to your new funnel step. Establishing and maintaining a consistent naming convention for your funnel steps is crucial, as this will greatly aid in organization. As you continue to develop more funnel steps, having a well-organized structure will become increasingly important for effective management and ease of use.

Establish Funnel Path

You have the option to assign a distinct URL path to your funnel step, or you can choose to use the same name as the funnel step itself for the URL path. It is essential to provide a URL path when creating a new funnel step, as this is a required field in order to save and implement the addition successfully.



Import From ClickFunnels (Optional)

While it is not mandatory, you have the option to import funnels directly from ClickFunnels. If you have already created a wealth of content and funnels within ClickFunnels, there’s no need to fret! You can easily bring those existing funnels into your current platform by simply adding the relevant funnel URL in the designated field. This feature ensures a seamless transition and integration of your previous work.



Overview Tab

Within the Overview tab, you have the ability to access each individual funnel step and make any necessary edits. This feature offers you the flexibility to fine-tune and adjust your funnel steps as needed, ensuring they align with your marketing objectives and provide an optimal user experience.



Products Tab

Under the Products tab, you are given the opportunity to create various types of products for your funnel. You can develop one-time products that customers purchase once, or you can introduce subscription-based products that provide recurring revenue streams. This flexibility allows you to tailor your offerings to suit the diverse needs and preferences of your target audience.



Publishing Tab

Within the Publishing tab, you have the option to modify both the funnel step name and its corresponding URL path. Accessing the Publishing tab can be achieved through several methods, including various buttons available within the platform’s interface. This feature ensures that you can easily make adjustments to your funnel steps as needed, allowing for continuous optimization and improved user experience.



Funnel Page URL

The URL path you assign is the actual location where your funnel step resides online.

In the Funnel Page URL Settings, you will find an additional button that navigates you to the Publishing tab, allowing you to make edits to both the funnel step and its corresponding URL path. This feature streamlines the process of managing and updating your funnel steps for optimal performance and user experience.

Open Funnel Page

By selecting the ‘In New Tab’ button, you can easily open a specific funnel step using its precise URL path. This button is located to the right of the URL and looks like a square with an arrow. Upon clicking this button, the funnel page will be displayed in a separate browser tab, allowing you to conveniently view and access the individual funnel step without disrupting your current workflow or navigation within the platform.



Preview Image

In this section, you will be presented with a preview image of your funnel step, giving you a visual representation of its current design. Additionally, several crucial buttons are available for easy access, enabling you to perform essential actions and make adjustments as necessary to optimize your funnel’s performance.



Build/Edit Funnel Step

To begin constructing and modifying your funnel steps, you must click on the edit button, then select either Edit Page (edit’s in the same page) or Edit in a New Tab (opens a new browser tab). Once selected, this button will launch a comprehensive webpage builder, providing you with all the necessary tools and features to create and customize your funnel steps according to your specific requirements and preferences.



Preview In Web Browser

Distinguishing itself from other buttons designed to view your funnel step, you will see an icon that looks like a square with an arrow that allows you to open a preview of the step without affecting your analytics and conversion metrics. By viewing a preview instead of visiting the actual URL, you can maintain the accuracy of your data. Clicking this button will open the preview in a new browser tab, ensuring a seamless user experience.



Edit Funnel Name & Path

By selecting the settings icon, you will notice an additional button that directs you to the Publishing tab. This enables you to make modifications to the funnel step name and its associated URL path, providing you with greater control over your funnel’s organization and structure.



Split Testing Funnel Steps

As an administrator of your CRM location, you have the ability to conduct split testing on your funnel steps. If you’re not yet familiar with split testing or its advantages, it’s highly recommended to explore online resources to understand its full potential. Split testing is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the performance and effectiveness of your marketing strategies!



Create Split Test Variation

In order to generate a split-testing variation for your funnel step, simply click on the ‘Create Variation’ button located within the box on the right-hand side of the page. This action will enable you to develop alternative versions of your funnel step and assess their performance in comparison to the original, ultimately optimizing your marketing efforts.


Clone Funnel Step

In order to streamline your workflow and save valuable time, you have the option to clone funnel steps. Simply click the Clone Funnel Step button in the bottom right and select where you’d like to clone the step to! This feature allows you to duplicate existing funnel steps within the same CRM location or even across multiple accounts if you are responsible for managing various locations. By cloning funnel steps, you can efficiently replicate successful strategies and maintain consistency across your marketing campaigns.

Delete Funnel Step

Should you find it necessary to remove any funnel steps, simply click on the ‘Delete Funnel Step’ button. However, exercise caution when using this option, as once a funnel step is deleted, it cannot be recovered. It is essential to carefully consider the impact of removing a funnel step before proceeding with this irreversible action.

Click the “Start Help Guide” button in this section of your CRM to start an interactive, guided tour and learn more about the components found in this section and how to use them!//


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