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Once you’ve selected a section, it’s time to head to the Row setting. Here, users can decide how many columns they want—you’re free to choose up to six. This will help determine your foundation, so make sure you consider how many columns you’ll need before moving on to the next step: Column editing. Note that the row box won’t be visible until after a column has been chosen.


Add Row

Are you ready to begin adding Rows to your taskbar? Simply click on the Row edit option at the top center of the screen, then select Add Row. Instantly after clicking it, the Row appears and you’re presented with another editing option: Column. To make sure you’ve got your Row properly set up, move your cursor around in the empty box fields and spot out a blue lined box; this is your original Row.


Moreover, rows and elements within those rows are endlessly customizable. You have the ability to create as many Rows as possible within a Section, or even place countless Elements into one singular row. It’s that easy!


Additional General Settings



If your Row width is not at 100% you can adjust the position of the row to either, Left, Right, or Center.



This is where you adjust the size of the Row between 30% – 100% (100% will occupy the entire width of the Section)


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