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Minute Timer

Minute Timer

Incorporating the Minute Timer element into your funnel page offers an easy method for embedding a timer on your site. This versatile feature allows you to tailor the countdown duration by adjusting hours, minutes, and seconds, ensuring it aligns with your unique requirements. As a result, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage user engagement, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your page.

General Settings

Element Name/Title

When using the General Settings feature, you will see the default name/title of the currently selected Edit option. If desired, you have the option to modify the name/title to better describe the element. This is particularly useful when working with multiple elements on your page and you need an easy way to identify them.

Color Options


With the Color Options feature, you can modify the appearance of your timer. Simply select your preferred color from the options available to change the timer’s color.

If you can’t find the right color, you can add a custom color by entering its code into the designated field and clicking add color.

Label Color

Similarly, you can modify the label color of your timer in a similar manner. Leveraging the Color Options feature can enhance the visual appeal of your timer and create a more engaging and compelling web page for your audience.

If you didn’t find your color, you can also add custom colors if you have the color code of the exact color you are going for, just type it in the space provided and click “add color”.


The Float feature provides multiple options to adjust the position of your timer according to your preferences. You can move it to the Left, Center, Right or choose to apply spacing options such as space-around, space-evenly or space-between to achieve balance and improve readability.

Typography Type

The Typography Type feature lets you modify the font of your text or content. The dropdown menu offers further customization options such as selecting heading or content font or choosing a different font.



You can decide to set your timer language to your preferred language by simply selecting the language we want from the available options.

Time Zone

When setting up the timer, you can choose the Time Zone that you want it to operate in. You can select your preferred time zone using the available options, which include popular regions and countries.

Mobile and Desktop Font Size

In order to adjust the font size of your timer for both mobile and desktop devices, you can use the Mobile and Desktop Font Size feature to customize accordingly.

Desktop and Mobile Subtext Font Size

To customize the font size for the subtext of your timer on both desktop and mobile devices, use the Desktop and Mobile Subtext Font Size feature, which allows adjusting the font size by dragging and adjusting the bars.

Meeting Settings

The Meeting Settings feature allows you to specify the precise hour, minute, and seconds at which you want your timer to end.

Expire Action

The Expire Action feature allows you to determine what happens after your minute timer reaches its end.

Redirected URL

You can add a redirected URL here for visitors to click on and visit once the timer is expired.

Show & Hide Element

With the Show & Hide Element feature, you can control the visibility of your section, column, row, or element.

Revisit Action

With the Revisit Action feature, you can choose what happens when a user revisits your page after the timer expires. Customize the behavior by setting an auto-reset timer, Hide/ show an element or auto-expire for X days.

Spacing Options

There are different spacing options available for adjusting the top or bottom margin of your content by toggling its bars. Depending on the Edit option you are working on, the settings will only be applicable to that option. For example, if you are editing a particular Row (the BLUE box), only every content in that Row will follow the command of what settings you make.

Additional General Settings

The Advanced Settings provide further control over your content’s visibility and styling.


The Visibility feature allows you to choose whether you want the Edit option to be visible on mobile devices, desktops, or both.

Custom Class

The Custom Class feature enables you to input your own unique class.

CSS Selector

If you need to copy the Custom CSS, just click on the “Copy” icon on the right side of the reference code.

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