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Content AI

Content AI

This section will teach you how to use Content AI to generate content for Funnels/Websites. Content AI helps generate 10X faster, more effortless, and better Content. It can only generate Content AI for Text Elements: Headlines, Sub-headlines, paragraphs, and Bullet lists.


Please Note:

This feature is a paid service and will incur charges based on usage.


Adding Content AI to Funnel/Websites Text Elements

You can edit existing Funnels or Websites or create a new one from scratch.


Add Text Element

You can drag and drop any Text elements or edit an existing one inside the Funnel or Website Builder.



Add Content AI

To access the Content AI, highlight the default texts in the element. Click on the Content AI button and fill out the info needed to generate Content AI:

  • Description Provide a brief description to understand the context better with a maximum of 2-3 lines. For example,



  • Additional Option You can see the additional options available for generating this content

    • Writing Tone Choose the tone for your text from options like Funny, Excited, Casual, etc

    • Number of Variations Choose the Number of variations you’d like the AI to create from 1 to 5


    Generate Content AI

    Once you are done updating this content, click on the Generate button. This will direct you to the Content AI page to choose from the content variations generated from the description and writing tone you provided.


    To edit any info you provided, click the Generate new content button to return you to the content generation page.





    Copy Content

    Click the Copy button to choose the content variation you want to use. Once you click Copy, the selection appears in the Text box on the right corner of the page for preview and editing.


    Create Content AI Post

    Once you have chosen the variation you want to use, click the Continue button to paste it into the Text element box you’ve selected.


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