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Form Element

Form Element Types

Whether you need to collect customer information or company demographics, there are two options for form fields: Standard Fields and Custom Fields.


Quick Add

These are drags & drops. All you need to do to add it to a form is to click and drag them over to the form slide in the middle of the screen! This includes basic information such as name, email, phone numbers, etc. It is grouped into sections;


  • Personal Info: This includes the name (Full name, first name, or Last name) and date of birth.
  • Contact Info: This includes Phone number or Email.
  • Submit: it only has the button option. You can add this to your form to either submit the form when a client clicks on it or direct them to the next page.
  • Address: Add the client’s address here. You can request their city, state, country, postal code, website, or organization.
  • Customized: You can customize your form by adding Text, HTML, Image, Captcha, T&C, or source.


Custom Fields

These fields are entirely up to you or your CRM admin to build & use. These custom fields can be anything from checkboxes to long-form answers. Click here to learn more about custom fields: Custom Fields




Field Options

Whether you are in the standard or custom fields tab, this area is where all the inputs are.


Saving your work is crucial, so regularly click the Save Form button at the bottom right of the page to avoid losing progress. It’s always a good practice to save your form periodically to ensure it’s backed up and secure in case of disruptions.

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