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Publish or Schedule Blog Post

Publish or Schedule Blog Post

After adding and saving your content, you will be required to set up the details when you click on the “Publish” button.

  1. URL Slug 

This will be the path for your blog post. Your URL will look like this: Test

  1. Blog post SEO details 

If you want to edit the Blog post title, description, or Image, simply click on the “Edit” icon. Once you are done editing, click on the “Update Blog Post” button.

  1. Category 

This is optional. You can set the category up in blog settings by clicking on the “Add New Category” beside the category field.

  1. Keywords 

Add some keywords to your blog post.

  1. Author 

This is optional. If you want to add the author of a blog post, click on “Add New author” to set it up. When setting up you can add the URL of the author’s posts from their social media accounts.

  1. Blog Status 

Here you can decide the status of your blog by either;

  1. Save as Draft 

If you are not done reviewing your post, you can save it by keeping them in draft mode so you can access it later.

  1. Publish 

Once the blog details are reviewed then you can decide to publish the post immediately by clicking this option

  1. Schedule & Publish 

You can also schedule the date and time to publish the post. The minimum time duration you can schedule your post for is 15 mins from the set date and time. The time zone you are in will also be displayed here.

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