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TikTok Ads Account Integration

Integrate TikTok and create a TikTok Lead Ads workflow to collect information from your prospects via TikTok straight to your CRM! With this guide, we’ll walk through integrating your TikTok business account, and how to set up your TikTok Lead Ads workflow.

How to Integrate TikTok

Here we will walk you through the step-by-step process of integrating your TikTok business account into your CRM.

Add Your TikTok Business Account

Navigate to your CRM’s Integration Section and click on the Connect button for TikTok. You will see another prompt window that lets you either Login or Sign up to your specific TikTok business account.


While establishing a connection via LeadConnector, it’s essential to spend a few moments verifying that all necessary permissions are granted by default. To accomplish this, just click the Confirm button.

Advertiser Account

If you are in charge of multiple advertiser accounts, be sure to make the correct advertiser account selection from the dropdown.

Once the correct advertiser account is selected, the tab will close and your TikTok business account will be seamlessly integrated with LeadConnector.


NOTE: If you have only one advertiser account, this account will be selected by default. You can change the advertiser account at any time by clicking the change advertiser account button.

Map Fields and /or Create Custom Fields

Once you have connected your TikTok business account, you can navigate to the TikTok form mapping tab to gain access to all the pages and forms that were created.

Map TikTok Fields with CRM Fields

Upon viewing different options here, click on the ‘Map Fields’ command button to assign each form field with one of the CRM related fields. Finally, click on the Update button so any changes are automatically saved and immediately accepted or recognized by all visitors of this page or tab.

NOTE: Currently multi-select options for TikTok Lead Ads are not supported as of now.

Adding Custom Fields

Once you’re finished with Map Fielding, head to the Settings section and click on the Custom Field tab. Here you will see all of the Custom Fields supported for TikTok Lead Ads:

  • TEXT






  • DATE

Once your Tiktok business account is connected please navigate to the “TikTok Form” and submit the form to see if leads are being added to the CRM.

Create Your TikTok Lead Ads Workflow

Once you are done Map Fielding and creating Custom Field, navigate to the “Workflow” under the Automation section to create your TikTok Lead Ads Workflow.

When creating a workflow, the first step is to create a Contact trigger.



When creating the workflow, it should have the Workflow trigger step “Contact” Created and it must have an “if/else” condition added to it which searches for Contact Details then “Source” is then TikTok.

NOTE: Make sure to write TikTok exactly like this as the Source attribution is case-sensitive

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