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The tags section of your CRM holds a powerful feature—contact tag management. Contact tags are not only used to easily identify contacts, but they can also prompt any number of actions such as merging contacts, adding them to a workflow, or trigger an automated email follow up! While creating tags is available in other areas inside your CRM, it’s the tags section you’ll want to go to if you need to make adjustments or delete any existing tags.

Creating New Tag

If you’re looking to add a contact tag to your CRM, look no further than the “+ New Tag” button. With this quick and easy action, you’re one step closer to creating your desired contact tags.

Adding a tag is a great way to organize all of your lead data, and this option allows you to create your own. Give it an eye-catching title, such as, New Lead, Paid Customers, etc. All that you need to do is type in the desired name for your tag and hit the Add button.

Searching Tags

Need to find one tag from a long list quickly? Look no further than the search box! All you need to do is type in the search box to look for your specific tag.

Tag List


The Tags column provides a repository view of every Tag you have created. Within this column, all the Names you added to your existing Tags will be displayed.

Created On

Stay up to date on tag creation activity with the Created On column. It displays the exact Date and Time when your tags were first created. This column provides quick and easy visibility into when those tags first got added to your account.

Updated On

The Updated On column will tell you when each tag was last edited. See it for the exact Date and Time any changes were saved to the system.

Tag Action

The three dots menu on the far right of each tag allows you to edit or delete your tag.

Editing a Tag

The edit button gives you the unique capability to change names of tags right away. Just click the tab and a new window with editing options will appear for fast and efficient modifications.

Deleting a Tag

The delete button option provides you with the simple ability to remove one or multiple tags from a list. If you no longer need a tag that is present, this feature allows it to be deleted in moments. All you have to do is select the delete button. Note that once a tag is deleted, it cannot be undone – you will have to add the tag again by using the add tag button.

Bulk Action

You can create a bulk action when you select multiple tags by clicking the checkboxes, which allows you to delete the selected tags all at once saving you time.

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