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Settings: Phone Numbers

Within the phone numbers tab of your CRM, you have the capability to purchase phone numbers specifically for your business communication needs. These acquired numbers can be utilized for various purposes, such as making calls, sending text messages, or monitoring and tracking communication activities.

SMS Providers

When you open the page you will see the default SMS providers you have connected or your CRM location under SMS providers. You may see providers such as Twilio or LeadConnector here.

Phone Numbers

  1. Default number for outbound

  2. Name you have given to the phone number.

  3. List of phone numbers connected to the CRM location

  4. Number where you would like the calls forwarded.

Editing Phone Numbers

You can easily edit phone numbers using the pencil icon. When you click on this icon, a popup will appear for you to edit the options for your phone number. Here you can edit the name and forwarding phone number, as well as select to pass the called number as caller ID, use your verified number as caller ID for outbound calls, and enable the call connect feature. You can also toggle on to have a whisper message, call recording message, and incoming and outbound call timeouts. Once you have updated your options, make sure to click the green Update button on the bottom right of the popup to save your changes.

Deleting Phone Number

To delete a phone number that has been created previously, click on the trashcan icon to the far right. When you click on the icon, a popup will appear for you to cancel or confirm the action. Note that once you delete a phone number, it cannot be recovered – so make sure you want to complete this action before you hit confirm.

Add Number

Lets you add a new phone number for your CRM location. Click the + Add Number button to begin adding new numbers to your account.

Selecting Phone Number

You can add a new phone number by clicking on the green Add Number button on the top right of the page. A popup will appear for you to: 

  1. Select the country.

  2. Select the area code

  3. Hit “search” tab

  4. Choose the number of your choice

  5. Hit “Save” button.

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