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Setting Up Shopify Integration

Here we will cover the steps needed to connect Shopify store. Shopify integration allows you to manage your store from inside of the CRM.

Integrating Shopify store is a 2 step process :

  1. Create a Custom App in your Shopify Store.

  2. Connect Shopify to your Account.

Step-1: Creating a Custom App

Before we setup integration you need to create a custom app in your Shopify store.

Selecting “Apps” in Shopify Dashboard

Login to your Shopify store and click on “Apps” in your dashboard.

Develop Apps

As shown in the image below, click on “Develop apps” on the top of the screen highlighted in the below picture.

Authorize Custom App Development

Then, click on “Allow custom app development” (if you have already enabled this permission then Shopify will take you to Step where you can start creating an app)

Click on “Create an app”

Select the option as shown in the image below.

App name and email

Enter a name for the app (for example “Marvel’s App”), select your email under App developer and click on “Create app”

Configuring Admin API scopes

Once you have clicked on “Create app” option (See previous image) it will take you to the page where you will be required to configure Admin API integration.

Read Access

Search/scroll down to the “Orders” and You will need to enable at the very least “read_orders” access.


Enabling Read Product Access

Then, Search/scroll down to the “Products” and You will need to enable at the very least “read_products” access.


Saving the modifications made to the app

Once you’ve enabled read access on “Orders and Product”, save the app by clicking on the “Save” button on the top right

Installing the App

After saving click on the “Install app” as in the image below.

Click on “Install” from the pop up as in the image below

Getting API Access Token

After installing, the “Admin API access token” that you need for the Shopify integration can be found under the API credentials section, click on “Reveal token once” to get access to the token.

Copying the access Token

Copy the “Admin API access token” by clicking on the clipboard icon.

Step-2: Connecting Shopify to your CRM System


Connect Tab

After setting up the shopify app, you can go to the Settings->Integration area of your CRM and Click on the “Connect” tab to integrate your Shopify Store.

Setting up the Store

Paste the “Admin API access token” you copied in Step-1.14, enter “Name of your Shopify store” and click “Connect”

Your Shopify integration is done!

Come back to the integration area and you will see the shopify store is now connected to your CRM.

Using different Shopify Elements

Here we can learn how you can manage the store using the advanced feature.

Workflow Trigger

With workflow triggers, we can set the system to perform several. for example, when customer leaves the store without completing their purchase (see the abandoned checkout option) we can send them exciting offers through email/sms so they can come back and compete their order.

Workflow Actions -> If/Else Conditions

With if/else conditions we can set specific conditions for the system to run the workflow.

Email Builder

With shoping cart element, you can build your



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