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The integration between your Google accounts and CRM opens up a whole world of opportunities. With a single login, you will have access to Google Workspace (Gmail SMTP), Google My Business, as well as the data in both Google Ads and Google Analytics. Conveniently manage different aspects of these products with ease in one place.

Once you have connected your Google account it will look like the picture below.

Sign in to Google

To begin connecting your Google account, click on the ‘Sign in’ tab. Upon doing so, you will be required to enter your username and password into the appropriate fields. Once both credentials have been authenticated, you will then be directed back to the CRM.

Selecting Analytics account

After logging in to your Google account, you can quickly access all the analytics accounts linked to your profile. To begin, simply click on the dropdown and select which analytics account you would like to be connected with your CRM.

Selecting MCC account

Once you select the MCC account ID, you’ll need to confirm it matches the one on your google ads account. Logging into your google ads account is easy — simply go to the Customer ID menu and check it out! This allows you to quickly make sure that the right MCC account is connected with your CRM location. Then, it’s just a matter of confirming the information and making the connection.

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