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Facebook & Instagram

Take advantage of the easy connection process when you click on the Connect tab to ensure your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected to your CRM. If you have already connected one of these social accounts, the tab allows you to deselect either or both—look for gray colored FB and IG icons if they’re not already connected. To get started, just touch the connect tab and let it guide you through the simple steps to complete this process!

Facebook login page

Log into your Facebook by entering your username and password. Simply type in the corresponding information and click on the login option and you’ll be taken to the next steps.

Confirm your Facebook account

Once you fill in your login information, you will be taken to a page dedicated to helping you make sure you are accessing the correct Facebook account. This is designed to ensure that the right account is being used when the login page appears, thanks to prior logins on the same browser. Continue with this particular account, and an Instagram profile associated with it will be displayed.

Choosing Instagram Business Account

You’re just a few steps away from connecting the Instagram business accounts that you manage with your Facebook pages. Have a look at the list of accounts waiting to be connected. Choose those that you wish to connect, then deselect the pages that don’t want connected. After you’ve made your selections, simply click on the ‘Next’ button.

Choosing Facebook page/pages

Once you have reached the next page, you will be presented with a list of all the Facebook pages to which you have access. You’ll have the opportunity to select or deselect which page you’d like linked to the current CRM location— just click on it once for one option or click twice for the other! When you’ve finished your selection, simply click on Next to move forward in the process.

Permissions for Leadconnector

When you toggle through Leadconnector permissions, there are 13 outlined categories you must grant access to in order to give your Facebook account the go ahead. These include:

  1. Manage your ad accounts.

  2. Access to your Facebook ad stats.

  3. Accessing Instagram posts

  4. Accessing message conversations.

  5. Managing leads for the pages

Permissions for Leadconnector

  1. Permission to Access your Instagram messages.

  2. Permission to Create content for the page.

  3. Permission to manage comments received to the posts published on your page

  4. Permission to read the content posted on the page.

  5. Creating and managing ads.

  6. Managing account settings and webhooks.

  7. Access to the user content of the page.

  8. Show the list of pages you manage.

Clicking on the “Done” tab will finish the selection process. (Tip – Keep all the toggle options turned on)


At the end of the journey to link LeadConnector to Facebook, a confirmation window appears. Click on the ‘ok’ tab to go to the next step.

Connecting Facebook Page

Once you link the Facebook account associated with your CRM location, a list of pages related to it will appear on the screen. This list is here to help you access a specific page. To locate the page that best suits what you’re looking for, glance at the dropdown menu for an easy view of each page option. Once you select your page, click on the green Connect Page button.

Connecting Facebook and Instagram

Once you have selected the Facebook page from the list of the pages, the system, will detect the Instagram business account associated with the Facebook page. Click on the “Connect Facebook and Instagram” tab to confirm your selection.

Facebook & Instagram Integration (After getting connected to CRM)

  1. Notice that the Facebook and Instagram symbols are no longer gray. This means you have successfully connected your Facebook and Instagram to your CRM.

  2. By clicking on the “Connected” tab, you can delete the existing Facebook and Instagram accounts whenever needed. 

Selecting Ad account

To pair your CRM with the ad account of your choice, get started by clicking on the Select Ad Account dropdown. There, you’re able to pick from any ad accounts that are registered within the platform.

Deleting Facebook Connection

It’s possible to remove a currently linked Facebook account from your CRM. To do so, navigate to the Connected tab, where you’ll be prompted with a query asking if you wish to delete the associated Facebook account. Following through with this action will successfully disconnect the account from your CRM, allowing you to manage your connections as needed.

Selected Page

This section allows you to verify the specific Facebook page that you are presently interacting with. By confirming the correct page, you can ensure that you are managing and accessing the appropriate content, maintaining accuracy and efficiency in your social media activities.

Change Page

With the Change Page button, you can easily switch from your current page to a different one. Just click on the Change Page tab to get taken to a list of Facebook pages. There, you will be able to find and choose the exact page you’re looking for.

FB Messenger Integration

You can easily connect Facebook Messenger to your CRM with one simple click of the messenger button. Activating this feature allows you to receive Facebook Messenger notifications directly in your CRM, making it easier than ever to keep up with prospective customers.

Confirm and save changes

After toggling on this setting, don’t forget to save the changes you have made so that they will remain in effect.

Connecting Instagram messaging Integration

Finally, staying on top of Instagram messenger notifications within your CRM platform is easy. The Instagram button provides direct access to your message inbox without opening a different window or loading a new page. Once clicked it’ll take you but seconds to jump over to the settings page and toggle messages on or off as needed

Confirm and save changes

After toggling on this setting, don’t forget to save the changes you have made so that they will remain in effect.

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