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How To Add A Custom Field

Make your data stand out with custom fields! With our platform, you can easily design surveys and forms that meet any unique objective in mind. Make surveys and forms tailored to your exact specifications. Create custom fields quickly and painlessly.


Custom Field Options

When generating new custom fields, a diverse range of options is available to you. These include:

  1. Single Line Text

Commonly referred to as “single-line text,” this particular text field is designed for instances when the user is required to provide a brief textual response.

  1. Multi Line Text Field

Often called “paragraph text,” this type of text field is employed when soliciting a more extensive textual response from the user. It allows for the submission of more comprehensive and detailed answers, accommodating larger amounts of text.

  1. Text Box List The text box list field gives your user a list of inputs that need to be filled. This is very useful when asking for text items closely related to keeping them all in one spot.

  2. Number Field

This is an input field that MUST contain numbers ONLY. This field can contain decimal points if needed as well.

  1. Phone Field

The phone field is used to capture phone numbers. There is also a country code selector so the user can select what country their phone number is registered in.

  1. Monetary Field

Like the numerical field, this field can only contain numbers as this is meant to capture monetary amounts.

This can be used when referencing things like salaries, gross income, hourly wages, etc.

  1. Single Options Dropdown Field

This is also known as a “drop-down field”. This allows the user to open a list of options to select from. They can only choose one option.

  1. Multiple Options Dropdown Field

Like the “single options” field, this field opens up a drop-down selector.

However, your user will be able to select multiple options with this field type.

  1. Radio Select Field

Radio buttons will give your user the ability to select their choice from a list of options.

Unlike the checkbox field, radio buttons restrict the user to only selecting one choice.

  1. Checkbox Field

This is your standard checkbox field. Users will be allowed to select multiple options when using the checkbox option.

  1. Date Picker Field

When clicked, the date field will open up a calendar that allows the user to select a specific date.

  1. File Upload Field

You can offer your user a file upload field where they can upload many different file types. You can also add an upload limit so the user does not upload too many files.

Supported file types are: PDF, DOC/DOCX, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, CSV/XLSX

  1. Signature Field

Using this field you can collect a signature from your user. They will need to draw their signature with their computer mouse or touchpad.

  1. Preview 

Depending on the chosen field type, a preview will be displayed on the right side of the popup, allowing you to visualize the appearance and functionality of the selected field.

Creating New Custom Fields

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a new custom field, using the “Single Line” custom field as an example. This step-by-step approach will ensure a smooth and efficient setup for incorporating custom fields tailored to your specific needs.

Field Selected

In this section, the chosen custom field type is displayed. For our current example, we are creating a “Single Line” custom field, which allows users to input brief text in a simple and efficient manner.


Feel free to assign a suitable name to your field that aligns with your intended purpose.


Utilizing the dropdown menu, you can easily choose the desired object associated with this particular tab.


In this section, you can determine the appropriate group to which the custom field should be added. The dropdown menu offers options to add the custom field to a contact group, general group, or any other specific group that you have created for this particular custom field.


In this area, you have the option to provide a placeholder for your custom field. A placeholder is a brief hint or example that guides users on the expected input format or content.


You can also set a prefill value for your custom field, which serves as a default input that is automatically populated when users interact with the field. This feature can save time and effort for users, especially when the majority of entries share a common value or format.

Additional Preferences

This tab will provide a few additional preferences with respect to your custom field.

Unique Key

Upon entering the custom field information into the system, a unique identifier key will be automatically generated for each custom field. This key will be displayed in this section and serves as a distinct reference for each field.

Add Description

In this section, you have the opportunity to provide additional details about your custom field. You can describe its purpose and the specific objectives it aims to achieve within your platform.

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