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Conversation AI


Presenting the groundbreaking Conversation AI from our CRM. Harness the power of our AI-driven automation to enhance your customer engagements. The Conversation AI is a sophisticated feature that uses AI technologies to improve customer communication and automate the scheduling of appointments. It primarily operates in two modes;

Suggestive Mode

In this particular mode, the AI creates predictive text suggestions in real-time to aid users in answering customer messages. These suggestions pop up as an option, giving users the flexibility to either transmit the AI-proposed message as it is, modify it prior to sending, or reject the suggestion and compose the message manually.

Auto-Pilot Mode

This mode employs cutting-edge AI to provide automated responses to incoming messages, effectively guiding customers towards scheduling appointments. If a message comes in, the system strategically waits for 2 minutes before engaging the GPT API, allowing for the possibility of receiving multiple messages.

Please Note:

The Auto-Pilot mode is currently only available in a private beta version, with a select number of users chosen for testing and providing feedback. On the other hand, the suggestive mode is open for use to all users.

Conversation AI Settings

Before you begin utilizing these features, ensure they are activated in a sub-account. Once done, navigate to the ‘Conversation AI’ located under the ‘Settings’ tab.


Within the “Preferences” segment for Conversation AI, you are presented with three unique modes to select from:



This feature completely switches off the Conversation AI. While you can still modify settings and particulars, the AI will cease to engage with your customers.


In this mode, Conversation AI serves as a helpful tool within the chat interface by offering potential responses to customer queries. You have the option to send these suggestions as they are, make changes before dispatching them, or bypass the suggestions altogether.


This mode empowers Conversation AI to autonomously dispatch messages to your customers, enhancing customer engagement and boosting response speed. It functions independently, facilitating effortless communication without the need for manual oversight.



Be aware that the Auto-Pilot Mode is presently under a private beta stage, and a chosen set of users have been selected for trial runs and providing feedback.


Supported Channels

The “Supported Channels” section allows you to pick the platforms on which Conversation AI will operate. Here are the currently supported channels:

  • SMS: This allows for automated replies to text messages from your clients.

  • Facebook: Enable Conversation AI to communicate with clients via your company’s Facebook page or Messenger.

  • Instagram: Conversation AI can reply to direct messages on your company’s Instagram account.

  • Google My Business: Allows Conversation AI to interact with customers who contact your business through Google’s messaging service.


By choosing these channels, you are ensuring that your clients receive quick, automated responses regardless of the platform they use to reach out to you.



Appointment Booking


Pick a Calendar

In the “Appointment Booking” segment, you are prompted to choose a calendar from your CRM. Selecting a particular calendar automatically earmarks the corresponding scheduling link. This link is subsequently utilized in the bot’s responses, allowing customers to schedule appointments. This facilitates smooth integration of your CRM’s scheduling functionalities with the automated customer engagement of the Conversation AI.


Conversation Flow

Within the “Conversation Flow” segment, you can steer the AI bot’s conversation with your clients. It will pose the designated questions prior to revealing the booking link to the contact. The remaining word count shows the additional words you can employ for this dialogue personalization.


  • Example flow:
    • “Are you in need of the services provided by [BUSINESS NAME]?”
    • “Do you need these services within the areas where my business is active?”
    • “Would you like to schedule an appointment”

Customize Bot Responses

In the “Customize Bot Responses” area, you can utilize the “+ Add Q & A” button to include commonly asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. This helps in educating the bot to manage inquiries efficiently. For example:


  • Question: “How Many appointments can I book on a calendar?”
  • Answer: “You can book up to 3 appointments per calendar.”

This configuration allows the AI bot to tackle a wide variety of customer questions and provide precise responses, thereby enhancing the user experience.



Q: Does Conversation AI offer available appointment slots?

A: Conversation AI doesn’t directly offer available appointment slots, especially in Auto-Pilot Mode. Instead, it directs customers to a booking link where they can choose their desired slots from the options available.

Q: Is every user able to access Auto-Pilot mode?

A: Currently, Auto-Pilot Mode is in a private beta phase and only accessible to a chosen group of users who are partaking in tests and providing feedback. It isn’t widely available to all users at present.

Q: What advantages does Suggestive Mode offer?

A: Real-time suggestions generated by AI

Q: Can I utilize Conversation AI on numerous messaging platforms?

A: Absolutely, Conversation AI can be incorporated into a variety of active channels, such as SMS, Google My Business (GMB), Facebook (FB), and Instagram (IG). This allows you to deliver AI-driven responses across multiple platforms.

Q: How does Conversation AI deal with responses that are out of context?

A: Conversation AI is engineered to adhere to specific conditions for start, sleep, and end states, which includes managing out-of-context responses. The system leverages the last ten (10) conversations or up to an 800-word limit to ensure responses are contextually appropriate.

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