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Reputation Tab Overview

The Reputation section displays all review requests that have been issued, including information about the recipient, whether they have submitted them or not. Utilize this section of your CRM to send new review requests, view latest invite and review trends, and keep track of reviews you’re receiving.



Note: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.



Send Manual Review Requests

Users can send review requests either automatically through workflows, campaigns, and triggers, or manually by clicking the Send Review Request button for individual contacts.




Sending Manual Review Requests

Once you click the “Send Review Request” button, you’ll need to input the contact’s information. You will need to add their name, and either a valid email address or phone number to send the review request.


Users can customize the appearance of the review request by navigating to the Reputation Management section in the CRM settings.




Invites Goal

Invite goals are set to encourage you to send more review requests to your customers. As you continue to send review invitations, your goals will adjust accordingly. After sending out 20 requests, your goals will be updated and progressively increased, providing you with a target to aim for! This continuous growth in goals not only helps you expand your customer feedback but also motivates you to engage with your clients and improve your services based on their reviews.




Reviews Received

With Reviews Received, you can view a comprehensive summary of the total number of reviews received within a particular time frame. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the percentage increase or decrease in comparison to the previous period, offering valuable insights into your performance trends.


Furthermore, the sources of these reviews are also presented, allowing you to understand where your customers are leaving feedback and which platforms may require more attention. This information is essential for evaluating your customer engagement strategy and making informed decisions to improve your online reputation.




Average Review Rating

In the Average Review Rating section, you will find a graphical representation of your review ratings across a specified timeframe. This visual breakdown makes it easy to understand the distribution of ratings and identify trends in customer feedback.


Additionally, you will be provided with a percentage that indicates the increase or decrease in the overall rating during that period. This information is crucial for monitoring your performance, understanding your customers’ satisfaction levels, and implementing necessary improvements to enhance their experiences with your products or services.

Review Sentiment

When a customer provides a review with a rating of 4-stars or higher, it is considered to reflect positive sentiment towards your product or service. Conversely, any review with a 3-star rating or lower is deemed as expressing negative sentiment.


In this section, you can observe the percentage increase or decrease in both positive and negative sentiments over a specified timeframe. This information is valuable for gauging customer satisfaction and understanding areas where improvements may be necessary to enhance their experiences and boost your overall reputation.



Invite Trends

Monitoring your review request trends is an essential aspect of understanding the frequency at which you are sending out review invitations to your customers. By keeping track of these trends, you can determine whether you need to increase the number of invites being sent or maintain the current rate. Regularly evaluating this data enables you to identify any gaps in your customer engagement strategy and make informed decisions on how to optimize your approach for gaining more feedback and enhancing your online reputation.




Review Trends

In the Review Trends section, you will be presented with a trend pattern graph that illustrates the number of reviews you have received within a specific timeframe. This visual representation allows you to easily track and analyze the fluctuations in your review volume over time, providing valuable insights into your customer engagement and feedback patterns.




Changing Timeframes

To modify the timeframe displayed in each data tile, simply click on the three vertical buttons located in the top right-hand corner of each tile and choose the desired timeframe. This way, you can stay up-to-date with your review invitation and review trends and make informed decisions based on the data.


Latest Review Requests

In this section, you can access a comprehensive list of all your recent review requests, including the recipient’s name, the email address or phone number used for sending the request, and the date it was sent.


This detailed record serves as a valuable reference when addressing customer inquiries or concerns, such as when a customer claims they never received a request for a review.




View All Review Requests

To access a complete list of your recent review requests, simply click on the designated button or choose the Requests option from the secondary navigation bar.




Latest Reviews

In the Latest Reviews section, you will find a comprehensive list of all the recent reviews submitted by your customers. The information provided includes the date of submission, the star rating awarded, and the platform where the review was posted.




View All Reviews

To access a complete list of your recent review requests, simply click on the designated button or choose the Reviews option from the secondary navigation bar.



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