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Source Report


Within the Attribution Report, there’s a Source Report section where you can track and analyze the revenue generated and percentage of sales based on metrics such as contacts in your CRM, opportunities, and sessions.


This section also displays the sources of your conversions and the attribution linked to each source, which provides more detailed insights than the Conversion Report.


NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.


Choose Source Type

Select the type of data you’d like to include in your attribution reports to gain valuable insights tailored to your specific needs. You have the option to choose from Forms, Surveys, or Calendars.


By selecting Forms or surveys, you can analyze the performance of various lead generation forms on your website.


If you opt for Calendars, you can assess the impact of scheduled events and appointments on customer engagement and conversions.



Select Date Range

For an accurate and effective analysis of attribution data, it is crucial to apply filters and designate specific date ranges for your evaluation.



Refresh Data

When you click on the refresh button, it enables you to effortlessly update all the data displayed below, eliminating the need to refresh the entire browser tab or window to access the latest reporting information.



Referrals Report

The referral report provides a comprehensive analysis of your referral data, detailing the sources that contributed to acquiring contacts, generating opportunities, and driving sessions.



Campaigns Report

The campaign report offers a detailed analysis of your campaign data, highlighting the sources and specific campaigns that led to the acquisition of contacts, generation of opportunities, and increased user sessions.



Session Events Report

The sessions event report provides an in-depth analysis of your session data, covering a range of essential aspects.


These include the event type, which refers to the specific actions or interactions that occurred during the session; the source, indicating the origin or platform from which the user accessed your website or app; and contact information about the individual user who participated in the session.


Additionally, the report sheds light on the marketing campaign associated with the user’s session, as well as UTM parameters used for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Furthermore, it highlights the particular webpage where the session was initiated and the exact date and time of its creation.



Export Data

In case you require the data in an Excel spreadsheet format for further analysis or sharing with colleagues, simply click on the export button provided.



Change Data Columns

By clicking on the columns button, you have the flexibility to modify the data columns and tailor the table according to your personal preferences. This feature allows you to add or remove columns, ensuring that the information displayed is relevant and meaningful for your specific needs and analysis.



Filter Session Events Report

In case you require a more tailored view of the table data, the filter button allows you to refine and customize the data displayed in the table according to your specific needs.

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