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Attribution Report - Overview

In the Attribution Report section, you can access both the Conversion Report and Source Report. The Conversion Report offers users the capability to track and examine revenue generated from various marketing efforts, helping you understand which campaigns or initiatives are driving the most conversions. On the other hand, the Source Report section allows you to observe and analyze your revenue generation and percentage of sales associated with different sources, such as organic search, social media, or referral partners.


Conversion Report

The Conversion Report section provides users with the ability to track and analyze revenue generated, as well as the total percentage of sales based on metrics such as contacts in their CRM, opportunities, and sessions. This section is particularly useful for monitoring the success of moving leads through sales processes and determining how much revenue is being generated for the business.


Source Report

The Source Report section enables you to monitor and analyze your revenue generation and percentage of sales. The analysis is based on metrics such as the number of contacts in your CRM, opportunities created, and sessions tracked. Unlike the Conversion Report, the Source Report section displays the sources of your conversions and the attribution linked to each source.

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