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Appointment Report - Overview

Appointment Reporting

Appointment Reporting is a useful section that enables you to track and analyze all appointments created using your CRM calendars. This includes information about the outcomes of appointments, their sources, and the calendars used for scheduling.


NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.


Filter by Date and Calendar

To obtain the most accurate data, you can set date ranges and select specific calendars based on your analysis requirements.




Filter Details

The filter options allow you to further refine your search by choosing a particular calendar, filtering by booked or created appointments, and selecting specific time frames to examine the appointment data.




Booked Appointments

Tracking the appointments you book is key to understanding the success of your business.


Over any given period of time, you can assess how many clients book an appointment with your team based on the date range and calendar you analyze.




Confirmed Appointments

Here you can view how many confirmed appointments you have accumulated over a selected date range.


Depending on the specific windows of time and type of calendar chosen, these results can fluctuate.




Showed Appointments

The Showed Appointments section reflects the number of attendees for appointments within a specified date range.


This data will differ based on the selected time frame and calendar being examined.




No Shows

The No Shows section displays the number of individuals who did not attend appointments within a chosen date range.


This information may fluctuate depending on the time frame and calendar selected for analysis.




Canceled Appointments

The Canceled Appointments section indicates the number of individuals who have canceled their appointments within a specific date range.


The data may change based on the chosen time period and calendar being analyzed.




Appointment Channel

The Appointment Channel graph illustrates the methods through which appointments were booked. One common channel is Booked By Lead, which indicates that the lead scheduled the appointment themselves.




Appointment Source

The Appointment Source graph displays the origins of booked appointments.




Change Appointment Source

If you wish to modify the source, you can choose a different option from the dropdown menu provided.




Appointment Outcome

The Appointment Outcome graph compares the overall results of all your appointments within a specific date range. This comparison is particularly beneficial when assessing the effectiveness of individual appointment campaigns.



Appointment Data Table

The Appointment Data Table provides a comprehensive view of all appointment information, allowing you to examine individual appointments and their associated details, such as the calendar used, requested appointment time, booking time, booking party, source, and appointment outcome.




Appointment Outcome Filter

With the Appointment Outcome Filter, you can refine the table to display only contacts with specific outcomes, such as showed up, no-showed, or canceled appointments.




Export Appointment Data

If necessary, you can export this data into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. Simply click the export button to save the data to your computer.




Change Table Data Columns

To customize the table data according to your needs, you have the option to modify the columns to better suit the view you wish to examine. Choose from Appointment Id, Calendar, Requested Time, Date Added, Contact Name, Email, Phone, Appointment Owner, Created By, Mode, Source, and Outcome.

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