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SMS Reporting

Here you can view the stats for the SMS activities performed by an agent/ CRM user.

Within the SMS section, you have access to a detailed overview of text message activities carried out by an agent or CRM user. This includes a comprehensive display of the total count and corresponding percentages for various SMS statuses, such as sent, delivered, clicked, and failed (undelivered) messages.



In the Sent row, you will find the total quantity of text messages that a user has dispatched within a designated time frame including the total percentage of sent SMS messages.


The figures displayed in the Delivered row represent the total count of text messages that have been successfully delivered to their intended recipients including the total percentage of delivered SMS messages.



The Clicked row will exhibit the cumulative count of recipients who have interacted with the link provided in the SMS by clicking on it, also showing the total percentage of clicked SMS messages.



The Failed row displays the count of text messages (SMS) that were unsuccessful in reaching the recipient’s inbox. By monitoring the Failed row, you can identify potential problems and take appropriate actions to improve the reliability and success rate of your SMS campaigns.

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