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Email Reporting

Here you can view the stats for the Email campaigns run by an individual agent/ CRM user.


Within the Email section, you can examine the statistics pertaining to email campaigns executed by each individual agent or user. This includes a comprehensive overview of the total number of emails, along with percentages that represent various key performance indicators, such as Sent, Opened, Clicked, and Replied rates. This data allows you to assess the effectiveness and engagement of your team’s email campaigns.



The Sent row displays both the quantity and percentage of emails dispatched by a user during a designated time frame.


The Opened row indicates the total count and corresponding percentage of emails that have been successfully opened by their intended recipients.


The Clicked row reveals the quantity and proportion of recipients who actively engaged with the email by clicking on the embedded link(s) within the message.


The Replied row highlights the total number and corresponding percentage of responses acquired from recipients in relation to the email campaign.

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