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Agent Leaderboard

The Leaderboard provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of each team member in terms of managing opportunities and securing won deals. This valuable tool allows you to easily compare and assess the effectiveness of individual agents by displaying their names, rankings, and total accumulated points.



Stats Filter

The filtering tab in this section enables you to sort and identify agents based on their ownership of opportunities or their success in converting those opportunities into sales. By selecting the Most Won Opportunities filter, you can easily view the top-performing agent who has secured the highest number of successful deals.




The Rank column will show the position that each individual user occupies in relation to their fellow team members, taking into account the various agents within the group.



Agent Name

The column labeled Agent Name displays the full name of each respective agent, providing a clear identification for every individual involved.




The Points column presents the accumulated score for each individual agent or user within your team, reflecting their performance and contributions to the group’s overall success.

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