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Agent Conversions Reporting

pipelines and what stage of the pipeline they are at.


Within the Conversions segment of Agent Reporting, you can obtain valuable insights regarding the potential opportunities present in your sales pipelines and their corresponding stages of progress. By closely monitoring these opportunities and their current stages, you can make well-informed decisions to optimize your sales efforts, allocate resources efficiently, and ultimately, drive revenue growth and enhance the performance of your organization.


Selecting Pipeline

By selecting this dropdown menu, you will gain access to an extensive list showcasing all the pipelines you’ve established within your CRM system. Upon choosing a specific pipeline from this compilation, you’ll be presented with valuable statistics and insights relevant to the chosen pipeline’s performance.



Stage 1

Based on the various stages you’ve designed within the chosen pipeline, you will be able to view the count of opportunities present in stage 1. To illustrate this, imagine that stage 1 is titled “New Leads.” In this scenario, you would see the quantity of opportunities currently classified as “New Leads” within that particular pipeline.



Stage 2

The total count of opportunities situated in Stage 2 of the pipeline will be displayed in this section. For instance, envision a scenario where leads that have arranged a meeting are placed in Stage 2 of the pipeline, which is labeled “Scheduled Appointment.” In this case, you will be able to view the number of leads who have successfully scheduled appointments within the pipeline’s Stage 2.


Stage 3

In this section, you’ll find the total count of leads that are currently in Stage 3 of your chosen pipeline. As an example, consider a situation where leads who have entered into an agreement are classified as being in Stage 3 of the pipeline, labeled “Signed Agreement.” In this context, you will be able to see the number of leads that have successfully signed agreements and are now part of Stage 3 within the selected pipeline.

Stage 4

This section will display the total count of leads that reside in Stage 4 of the chosen pipeline. For instance, envision a scenario in which leads who have completed a purchase are categorized as being in Stage 4 of the pipeline, referred to as “Paid.” In this case, you’ll be able to see the number of leads who have made a purchase and are now situated in Stage 4 of the selected pipeline.

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