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Customer subscriptions created through order forms can be managed and tracked with the subscriptions section within the Payments tab. You can stay informed of where each subscription is in its lifecycle. Whether it is currently Active, Expired, Canceled, or Failed, the new tab keeps a clear record of all orders. Don’t miss any important updates about your customers’ subscriptions anymore. Keep an up-to-date overview at all times!




Date Range

You can find the subscriptions from a specific calendar period with a calendar filter. Click on the calendar tab and select “from” and “to” periods and the system will show the subscriptions from the calendar period set by a user.




Input the name of a specific customer to easily access their subscription information. This method allows you to quickly retrieve and review the details of a customer’s subscription, ensuring that you can efficiently manage and address any inquiries or concerns related to their account.





These filters allow you to view the subscriptions based on their status, payment mode, or Source type. A status can be active, overdue, canceled, etc, payment mode could be Live or test mode, and Status type could be Funnel or websites.




Subscription List


Provider and Subscription ID


Viewing your list of subscriptions, you will see a variety of identifiers. In the far left column you will see the provider & subscription ID. The subscription ID is unique to each subscription on the list and can be helpful to track and resolve any order issues.





Customer Name

This column is to show the name of each customer who has opted for the subscription.



In the source column you will see whether the subscription was created in a funnel or website, and the name of the funnel or website it came from.





The date and time the subscription was created is shown in the created column.




The dollar amount of the subscription will show in the amount column.




The status of the subscription will be shown to the right which will show as trial, active, overdue, unpaid, canceled, failed, incomplete, or expired.



Actions Menu


To the far right of each subscription, click on the three dots to view subscription, view customer, view order, or cancel subscription.


View Subscription

Here you can see the order details for each of the customers;

  1. Subscription ID Here we can see the identification number of the subscription made.

  2. Created You can see the date and time the subscription was created.

  3. Total Amount You can see the total amount charged for this subscription here.

  4. Payment Provider You can see the name of the payment provider type, ID, account ID, and who made the payment.

  5. Customer’s Information You can see the customer’s name and email. When you click on the URL arrow, it directs you to the Contact details section.

  6. Source You can see the; internal order ID, source type, sub-type, identification (click on the ID to direct you to the Funnel the contact is linked to), name, step ID, and page ID.

  7. Transaction(s) You can see the provider & charge ID, the date and time the transaction was made, the amount, and the subscription status (succeeded). You can click on the stripe ID or status to direct you to the Transaction section



View Customer

If you want to edit the customer’s detail, click on this “view customer” button to direct you to the Contact details section.



View Order

Clicking on this button directs you to the order details, you can make any edit there.




Cancel Subscription

This will cancel this subscription immediately and will prevent any future payment attempts. Be sure you want to cancel this subscription because it cannot be undone.

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