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In the products section, located within the Payments tab of your CRM, you have the ability to manage and create Stripe and PayPal products for your customers. This feature allows them to conveniently make purchases through your CRM system. By integrating popular payment platforms like Stripe and PayPal, you can streamline the buying process for your clients and enhance their overall experience with your business.


NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.


Import from Stripe


Create Product


Click here to learn how to create a product.

Search Listed Products


To easily search through products currently created in your CRM, click on the search bar and type in the name of the product you are looking for.


View All Products


The Products Table displays all the products you’ve added in a table format. If no products have been added, this area will be blank.



  1. Product Name This column displays the name of each product.


  1. Product Type You will see the product type here.


  1. Updated The latest date and time each product got updated are displayed here.


  1. More Action

Here you can see more action for each of the products created;


  • View Click this button to view your product.


  • Edit If you want to edit the product you already created, click on this button. It directs you to the edit page;


  • Product Name You can edit the product name here.

  • Description Use this field to optionally store a long-form explanation of the product being sold for your own rendering purposes.

  • Product Type You can edit the product type here

  • Product Image You can upload the product image here.

  • Additional Option Statement Descriptor: This will appear on your customers’ credit card statements alongside the company name you set in your Payment Gateway settings.


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