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How To Integrate PayPal

PayPal Integration

Do you currently accept payments using PayPal? Take advantage of connecting your PayPal account in your CRM. Visit the Integration section – located within the Payments tab – to gain access to payment credentials used to authenticate and give permission for payment data flows between your CRM and PayPal.


With just one simple click, you can change from sandbox mode straight into live mode!



Live Mode

Activate the live mode when you’re prepared to begin accepting actual transactions from your clients. This mode ensures that your payment processing system is fully functional and ready to handle real-world purchases, offering a smooth buying experience for your customers. Once the live mode is enabled, it allows you to process customer payments, track order fulfillment, and manage all aspects of your online business efficiently. This transition from testing to a fully operational mode marks an important step in launching your products or services to the public.



Live Client ID

Input your PayPal client ID in the designated field. If you’re unsure about where to locate your client ID, consider conducting a quick Google search or reaching out to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) administrator for assistance. Your client ID is essential for integrating PayPal into your payment system, and seeking help from knowledgeable sources can save time and ensure the correct setup of your account.



Live Secret ID

Please input your PayPal secret ID in the specified area. If you’re uncertain about how to locate your secret ID, a brief Google search or consultation with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) administrator can provide guidance. Your secret ID plays a crucial role in securing and integrating your PayPal account with your payment system.


Obtaining help from reliable sources can expedite the process and guarantee the proper configuration of your account.


Save Your Info

Once you’ve entered all the necessary details, it’s important to save your information before proceeding further. Ensuring that your data is saved allows for a seamless transition to the next steps and helps avoid any potential setbacks or loss of progress.



Sandbox Mode

Employ the sandbox mode when evaluating new products to prevent unintentional charges. This mode enables you to simulate transactions, allowing you to check whether your product setup and payment processes are functioning properly without actually processing any real payments. By utilizing the sandbox mode, you can identify and address potential issues before they impact your customers while protecting yourself from accidental charges during the testing phase.

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