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Text Element

Text Element

Utilizing the Text element feature, you have the ability to incorporate a text heading and description into your email. This is the designated area where you can input all the written content intended for your target audience. By effectively leveraging this feature, you can create engaging and informative emails that resonate with your recipients and convey your message clearly.

Adding Text Element

To add the Text element to your email template, simply drag and drop it from the left sidebar into the body of the email. This intuitive feature makes it easy to add text to your email and achieve the desired look and feel.

Drag and drop to add the text element

Editing Text Element

To access the Text element settings in your email template, simply click on the pencil icon located within the Text element. This will open up the settings section on the left sidebar, where you can edit and customize the fonts, alignment, links, headings, and descriptions, as well as adjust the padding.


Once you’ve made the desired changes, click on Done to save your edits and continue editing your email template. This feature provides you with greater control over the appearance and content of your email, helping you achieve the desired look and feel.

Edit text element

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