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Shopping Cart Element

Shopping Cart Element


Adding Shopping Cart Element

For ecommerce owners looking to reach their customers quickly and effectively, Shopping Cart is here to save the day! This amazing and easy-to-use drag and drop element enables you to add individual products as well as their corresponding pricing right into your email.

With just a single click, your customers will be taken straight to a page where they can complete their purchase seamlessly. Take advantage of this resource and watch your business soar!

Drag and drop the shopping cart element

Editing Shopping Cart Element

If you are using an email builder, then you’re probably familiar with the pencil icon for the Shopping Cart element. Clicking on it gives you several options for easier customization.


You can easily change the padding, background, or colors of the element to make it more visually stimulating. Most users find that this makes their messages even more engaging.


When selecting features and styling elements, don’t forget to take advantage of the handy pencil button to quickly customize Shopping cart elements. With just a few clicks, you can add visual appeal and make your emails stand out from all the rest.


Edit the shopping cart element

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