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Affiliate Overview

Within the realm of affiliate marketing, an affiliate refers to an individual who actively promotes a campaign by sharing their exclusive affiliate link with potential customers interested in your product or service. When a sale is successfully made through their efforts, the affiliate receives a commission as compensation. Simultaneously, you also benefit by earning a commission from the sale, creating a mutually advantageous partnership.

Affiliate overview


Search Bar

To streamline your search process, simply input the desired name into the search field. This will filter the results, allowing you to quickly and efficiently locate the specific entry you’re looking to access.

Quick affiliate search bar

Quick affiliate search bar


Add New Affiliate

To add a new affiliate, begin by clicking on the blue Add button located in the top right corner of the Affiliate page. From there, you can add an affiliate individually by filling out their information in the form provided.

  1. First and Last Name

You are required to add the First and last name of the affiliate here.

  1. Email

You must also add the affiliate Email address since their unique link will be sent via mail.

  1. Phone Number

Add the affiliate’s phone number here.

  1. Industry

Type in the affiliate

  1. Website URL

           Type in the URL for the Website/ funnel you want The affiliate to market for you.


Add new affiliate

Add new affiliate


Add Affiliate


Once you are done filling out the affiliate’s info, click on the “Add affiliate” button to confirm the info and add the affiliate.


Upload CSV


If down the line of uploading a bulk list you decide to switch to adding them individually, just click on this button and it will switch pages.

Upload CSV

Uploading Affiliate List

Uploading an affiliate list can be done individually or as a bulk list. For bulk list upload, simply upload the CSV file that contains the affiliate’s list. Click on the Add button and then select Upload CSV which will direct you to the uploading page.


There are three simple steps to follow when uploading an affiliate list:



Click on the “Upload Affiliate” which directs you to this page where you can upload your file or just drag and drop it. Before you upload, make sure your file is in CSV format, and also make sure the First name, Last name, and Email fields are included in the columns. The maximum file size you upload is 50MB.


Once you’re done uploading the file, click on the “Next” button to move to the next step.


The upload stage

The upload stage


Add Affiliate Manually


If down the line of uploading a bulk list you decide to switch to adding them individually, just click on this button and it will switch pages.


Add affiliate manually here

Add affiliate manually here


Once you’ve uploaded the file, click on the Next button to proceed to the next step which is the map page. In this page, you will map the columns in your file with the columns in the affiliate table.




The system automatically identifies the number of fields that match the affiliate column. Those that match will be ticked green whereas those that do not match will be ticked with a red sign.


Mapping stage

Mapping stage

Column Header from File


Here you will see all the column headers from your file, this will help you identify the fields that matched and the ones that didn’t.

View column header from uploaded file

Preview Info


This column shows you the affiliate’s info for each field from your file.



Preview info

Preview info



Affiliate Field


Here you will see the affiliate fields corresponding approved fields matching the ones from your file.


View the approved affiliate fields

View the approved affiliate fields



This is the last step in uploading your bulk list;


Import Name


You are required to name the file you are about to upload. you can decide to use the default name which is the date and time it was uploaded (15_NOV_2022_9_16_AM) or type in your preferred name.

Edit the import name here

Edit the import name here




In the advanced section, you can decide:

  1. What to do with contact/s in the .csv file;

    • Add it to New and Existing Affiliate Records,

    • Add it as a New Affiliate Record, or

    • Just Update it with the Existing Record


  1. How to find your Existing Contacts;

    • Email

    • Names


  1. To either Update empty values for existing records or skip them.

Edit the advanced section

Edit the advanced section




Affiliate Highlights

With Affiliate Highlights, you can easily track an affiliate’s progress across all campaigns or one specific campaign.



Click on affiliate name to view highlight

Click on affiliate name to view highlight



Edit Affiliate

If you want to edit an affiliate profile just click on the “Edit Affiliate” button.



Edit affiliate details

Edit affiliate details


How to get the Affiliate-id for each Affiliate Manager Campaign

To find the Affiliate-ID for each Affiliate Manager Campaign, click on any affiliate’s name in the Affiliate name column to direct you to the affiliate’s highlight. From there, search for the specific campaign you want to see or copy the affiliate’s unique Affiliate-ID in the campaign search bar. Once you’ve selected the desired campaign, the unique Affiliate-ID will be displayed directly below the campaign search bar.

Generate affiliate ID

ighlight Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can easily access data about your affiliates.


  1. Number of Customers

You can see the number of customers who came in using the Affiliate’s Unique ID.

  1. No of Churned

This area shows the number of customers assigned to this affiliate that canceled their subscription.

  1. Number of Leads

You can see the number of leads this affiliate has.

  1. Owed

You can see the amount owed in this area.

  1. Paid

Here the affiliate will see the total amount he/she’s currently paid

  1. Revenue

This shows the total revenue generated by this affiliate throughout his campaigns


View each affiliate dashboard

View each affiliate dashboard


Affiliate Table

In the Affiliate Table, you can access all activities associated with each affiliate. Note that activities will only be displayed when campaigns linked to the affiliate are live.


  1. Customer Name You will see the names of all Customers assigned to this affiliate

  2. Email The customer’s email will be displayed here

  3. Campaigns The campaign each customer came in through will be displayed here as well.

  4. Plan

You will see the Plan each customer subscribed to in this column.

  1. Status You can also see the status of the plan the customers are on.

  2. Revenue You will see the revenue that has been generated from each customer.

  3. Commission You will see the commission that the affiliate earned from customers from each campaign.

  4. Join Date The date each customer joined their campaigns.

View affiliate table

View affiliate table



Search Bar


With the search bar in the Affiliate Table, you can easily and quickly search for any affiliate’s customer name.


Quick highlight search bar

Quick highlight search bar





You can also refine your search by using filter options to select the affiliate customer type- either as a lead, customer, or churned.


Filter affiliate highlight list

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