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Affiliate Manager Overview

The Affiliate Manager system provides an affiliate management tool to Agency owners to manage their affiliate/referral network within their CRM.


Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which you compensate others for promoting or referring to your product or service. Referrals, when utilized effectively, can be incredibly rewarding and potent, much like layups in basketball. An affiliate promotes a campaign by sharing their unique affiliate link with potential customers interested in your product or service. The affiliate receives payment upon making a sale, and you earn when they do.


Within the Affiliate Manager, you will see three different sections – Campaign, Affiliate, and Payout. An affiliate marketing campaign typically comprises one or more configurations that dictate its progression from inception to completion. These configurations can vary from a straightforward setup, such as a single link, to an intricate multi-step funnel with numerous components.



The secret to a prosperous affiliate marketing campaign lies in having the appropriate configuration tailored to your business and its objectives. By establishing the right configuration, you can customize the campaign for your target audience, ensure effective communication with your affiliates, and optimize your returns.


The intricacy and particular configuration of an affiliate marketing campaign will hinge on your business’s goals and requirements. While some businesses might necessitate a more complex campaign structure, others may thrive with a simpler strategy. Regardless of the situation, adopting the right configuration will aid in attaining the desired outcomes.



Within the realm of affiliate marketing, an affiliate refers to an individual who promotes a campaign by sending their exclusive affiliate link to potential customers interested in your product or service. The affiliate receives a commission upon making a sale, and you also earn a commission in the process.


In the Affiliate section you can create, edit, and manage your affiliates. You can bulk upload multiple affiliates at once, saving you time! View the affiliate dashboard to get insights on how many customers have come from each affiliate, as well as the amount of revenue generated, and the amount of commissions owed to each affiliate.



In this section, the affiliate owner can view a comprehensive list of all created payouts and decide whether to approve or reject them for payment. When a customer registers via an affiliate link, the payout and commission are documented and shown on the Payout – Pending tab on the first day of the subsequent month, or as configured earlier.


Upon approval, the affiliate owner must export the payout information and manually process the payment through their payment gateway using the supplied CSV. After transferring the funds, the status in the Affiliate Manager should be updated to Paid to guarantee accurate reporting for both the affiliate and the overall campaign.


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