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Things To Know

Things To Know

Welcome to your newly acquired Customer Relations Management (CRM) knowledge base. This comprehensive resource will guide you through various aspects of your CRM, including conversations, automations, calendars, and other essential components. As a crucial tool for business growth and efficient operations management, the CRM will play a significant role in driving your organization toward sustained success and expansion.

To get the most out of this knowledge base, be sure to pair it with your interactive help guides! To access your help guides in any section, you will simply need to click the “start help guide” button in the top right corner of your CRM!

Start Help Guide Button

If you’re reading this, you should also have access to interactive help guides inside of your new CRM. These guides will take you step by step through each section, explaining components and how to use everything!

Get the most out of your knowledge base by combining it with interactive help guides! Access these helpful guides in an instant by clicking on the orange and pink “Start Help Guide” button on the top left of your screen inside your CRM.

Get ready to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your new CRM! With interactive help guides at your fingertips, you can learn valuable information by following each step. For a comprehensive education experience, combine these text-based instructions with hands-on exploration – read up on sections first before experimenting “by doing” for even greater understanding and efficiency.

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