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Stripe Integration

Are you currently accepting payments with Stripe? You can easily add that information in the Integrations section within the Payments tab. Simply look for ‘Integrations’ and you will be able to connect your Stripe account in just a few clicks. Moreover, don’t forget to double-check if live mode or test mode is enabled – this will go a long way toward ensuring successful transactions!

Stripe Live Mode

Switch to live mode when you are prepared to begin processing genuine transactions from your customers. This mode ensures that your payment gateway is fully operational and equipped to handle real-world purchases, providing a seamless shopping experience for your clients. Once activated, live mode enables you to accept and process customer payments, monitor order fulfillment, and manage all aspects of your e-commerce business effectively.

Stripe Test Mode

Utilize the test mode when experimenting with new products to avoid unintentional charges. This mode allows you to simulate transactions, ensuring that your product setup and payment processes are functioning correctly without actually processing any real payments. By using test mode, you can identify and resolve potential issues before they affect your customers, while safeguarding yourself from accidental charges during the testing phase.

Google + Apple Pay

If you’re looking to accept payment methods from Apple Pay or Google Pay, leveraging Stripe is the way to go for both 1-step and 2-step order forms. All you need to do is toggle on allow Apply Pay and Google Pay to make it available from both, along with one-click upsells.

Note that this change has been designed as applicable specifically for version 2 of 1—step and 2-step order forms alone.

This will not change the capturing of transactions and orders submitted and all the payments made through Apple Pay or Google Pay will be visible under the Orders and Transactions table


Stripe Google and Apple play

Stripe Google and Apple play

Connect or Disconnect Stripe

To begin linking your Stripe account, select the green Connect with Stripe button. This will redirect you to a page where you can establish a connection with your Stripe account. After successful integration, you’ll have the ability to accept payments through Stripe.

If your account is already connected and you wish to disconnect it, this button can also be used for that purpose.

Disconnect Stripe

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