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Analyze Trigger Links



Trigger Links – Analyze


Analyzing your trigger link activity is critical to using trigger links accurately. After triggering a link, automation takes over, which is the main goal. However, gaining an in-depth insight into whether a link is genuinely successful requires analyzing data around it – clicks and activity metrics must be tracked for valuable information about the performance of the link! Understanding these metrics can help you get much closer to specifying what may be running optimally or needing adjustments. 


To begin analyzing your trigger links, go to the Conversations tab in your CRM, click on Trigger Links, and choose Analyze from the drop down.


NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.


Select Date Range

Looking to view information specific to a certain date or period of time? By clicking the dates on the right side of your screen, you’ll be presented with a helpful calendar popup that provides new options and various perspectives. Select the day or range that best works for you and quickly gain insights into your data!

Refresh Data

The charts can be kept up to date with the newest information through refreshing. Execute this by finding the refresh icon; a small button resembling two arrows spooled around in a loop. Click the button to instantly reload the data and have completely refreshed figures at a glance.

Bar Chart Data


Clicks Axis

On the far left side of the bar chart, you will find the clicks axis. This axis indicates the total number of clicks during a specified date range. Depending on what your top clicked link is, these numbers may vary accordingly.

Identifying Trigger Links

As you investigate trigger links, there are a few major points of data to pay attention to. Specifically, the development of those links across time becomes evident through a bar chart. Different shapes in different colors will illustrate the progression over time on this chart; observing those shapes can give you further insight into your analysis process.


Hover Effect

When you hover your mouse over any bar in the chart, you can view the total clicks that took place on the trigger link associated with that specified period of time. Save yourself loads of research time and access this valuable information.

Data Table


Trigger Link Name

The data table’s left column contains your trigger links, each with a unique name. If you need help finding the link you’re looking for quickly, we’ve put it all in alphabetical order so you can go through the list in no time. You can also sort the trigger links by descending order if you so choose by clicking on the arrow icons to the left of Name.

Total Clicks

The right column of the data table contains all the information on clicks generated by your trigger link. To get an exact number of total clicks within a specified date or date range, you can sort the list in ascending or descending order. It’s simple – just click on the arrow icons lined up beside the listing.


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