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Add SMS Template

To create a new text template, start by clicking on the green + Add Template button on the top right of your screen under Templates in the Conversations tab of your CRM. A dropdown will appear for you to choose either Add Text Template or Add Email Template. In this case, click on Add Text Template. When you click on this button, a popup will appear to fill in your template details.

  1. Name Template

Choosing a name for your template is essential. Be sure to get familiar with best practices when it comes to naming conventions so you and your team can quickly and easily locate your template when it’s needed.

  1. Create SMS Template

In the body section, you can type in the message you would like to add. To make the template more personalized and customizable, you can add custom values and trigger links by clicking on the corresponding dropdown menus above the box.

  1. Attach Files To SMS

To add a file from your computer or device to an SMS template, click on the paperclip icon. It’s located at the bottom left near your template text. With this feature, you can easily send images, documents, and other files in conjunction with your messages.

  1. Preview SMS Template

You can preview your SMS template by looking to the right of the screen. Here you will see the values you have typed in the template body as well as any attachments you may have.

  1. Send Test via SMS

You can also test the template to make sure it works on mobile devices. Start by typing your phone number in the Mobile Phone Number box under the message preview. Click on the green Send Text button to send the test message, then check your phone to review. When you are satisfied with your template, click on the green Save button on the bottom right of the template body box.

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