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Sending Messages

Sending Messages


How To Send Messages

To compose and send messages within a client conversation, utilize the message box situated at the bottom of the page. Effortlessly transition between different communication channels during a conversation by selecting the desired channel icon positioned above the message box. This seamless functionality allows for smooth and efficient engagement with your clients across various platforms.


Choosing Message Channel

Depending on what channels the contact is connected to, different channels will appear. Current messaging channels available in the CRM are:


  • Email
  • SMS
  • Facebook & Instagram Messages
  • GMB Messages​
  • Web Chat Widget (coming soon)
  • WhatsApp (coming soon)



Collapse Message Box

To enhance the readability of the conversation within your CRM, you can easily collapse the message box by clicking on the four corners icon located at the far right above the message box. This will provide a more streamlined view of the ongoing communication, enabling you to better manage and navigate through the conversation history.


Create a New SMS Message

To compose a new SMS message, click on the Create New Message button located to the right of the funnel icon adjacent to the search bar. This feature allows you to send a fresh SMS message to any client within your CRM database, ensuring effective and prompt communication with your customers as needed.



Create New Message

After you click on the Create New Message button, a pop up will appear for you to put in the message details. Start by putting in the customer name. If the customer already exists in the system, their number will automatically populate. If you are putting in a new contact, you will need to put their phone number in as well.

For example, as shown below, the name that was searched was “Esther,” and it showed names related to “Esther” with their emails and phone numbers



Start Conversation

You can select a pre-made SMS template or create your own message after you’ve selected your customers name and phone number.​

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