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Company Overview

In this area, you can establish new companies and link them to your CRM contacts. This feature essentially functions as a grouping mechanism for organizing contacts, allowing you to associate a group of contacts with a specific company. By doing so, you can efficiently track the consolidated activities of all contacts related to a particular company, streamlining your CRM management process and providing valuable insights into each company’s interactions.



Add New Company

To establish a new company within your CRM, navigate to this particular tab. This will direct you to a dedicated page where you can input the necessary company details. By completing the required fields, you will successfully create a new company record that can be managed and associated with relevant contacts in your CRM system.

Adding Information

To create a new company inside of your CRM, click on the green ‘+ New Company’ button on the top right of the page. A popup will appear for you to fill in your company details.



Please Note:

The following fields are to be filled out when creating a Company:

  • Company name (mandatory): Open text field

  • Phone number: Optional field

  • Email: Optional field

  • Website: Optional field

  • Description: Optional field

  • Street address: Optional field

  • City: Optional field

  • Postal code: Optional field

  • Country: Optional field

Validation: For mandatory fields only (Phone and Email are validated only for correct format, not checked whether they are actual phone numbers or E-mail addresses).




Search Bar

The search bar on our system simplifies the process of looking for a specific company. With just one entry in the search box, you can obtain information about a specific company. No grand undertaking necessary; all you need to do is type in the corresponding company name and you’ll have your result. This makes searching for a specific company effortless, letting you get straight to investigating particular company information and all conversations related to them.




Company’s List

When you open the company section within your CRM, you will see a list of all the companies you have created. There are five columns here that you will see information about specific companies. From left to right, you will see the company name, phone, email, who the company was created by, and when the company was created in your CRM. Clicking on the three dots to the far right of the company will give you the ability to edit or delete a company.



Here you can view all of the companies you have created in the system. Click on the company’s name to view the company’s details and contacts associated with this company.





Here you can see the phone number associated with each company on the list.





The email address you have saved with each company will be shown here.




Created By

Here you can find out who in your team has created each company on the list. If you have multiple users it would be helpful to know who added each entry.




Created Date

Shows the date when each company was added to the system.





With this three-dot menu, you can perform several actions for each company on the list. Let’s discuss each action;


Edit company – This allows you to make changes to any of the company’s information here in the list. Click “Update” to save it!


Delete Company – This allows you to Delete one of the companies from the list.




Please Note: Deleting a company does not delete its contacts from your contacts list, it only removes the Company information from that contact’s Company tab.



Company’s Details

For you to be able to access the company’s details, click on a company’s name.


How to add contacts to a company

At the moment the only way to enter contacts into a Company is by manually heading into their Company tab, Searching for a company, and then adding them to it:\


You can mark multiple contacts and then switch between them for ease of adding contacts to a company in bulk:




How to remove a contact from a company

To remove a contact from a Company please head to the Company tab, click on the company you want to remove the contact from, Switch to Contacts inside the Company tab, Hit the Trash button next to the contact you want to remove from that Company When prompted to confirm, Click on Yes.




Please Note: Removing a contact from a Company does not delete the contacts from your contacts list, it only removes the Company information from that contact’s Company tab and removes them from the list of contacts in that company.




You can see the task list associated with each of the contacts in this company. Each task is specifically designed for each contact, you need to manually add tasks for each contact.




To assign a task to any contact within the company’s list, click on the contact name which directs you to the contact details. Click on the “Task” section then click on “Add New” and fill out the necessary info.​





Notes won’t reflect in the company’s details yet but can be viewed in the contact’s details.


This section is coming soon…


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