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Send SMS

Send SMS


Send SMS will give you the capability to either message one person or multiple people at the same time. Simply select the contact(s) you would like to send an SMS and click on the send SMS button.


This enables you to proceed onto the sending page as your recipients have been identified. With this feature, you can tailor your text messages according to certain groups or individuals instead of wasting time jotting down their information one by one.




Create Your SMS Message


Now that you’ve chosen the contact(s) and clicked the Send SMS button, it’s time to construct your message! You can type anything in from scratch, or use a message template that you saved ahead of time. Want to make your message a little more personalized? Consider adding custom fields –– information like first names, email addresses, or phone numbers can be inserted directly into your text at the click of a button. Plus, to spice things up even further, feel free to include attachments and emojis for added flair.


Send all at Once


By enabling the “Send all at Once” feature, you have the option to instantly add all your chosen contacts to the selected campaign. This convenient toggle allows for swift and efficient execution of your marketing efforts, ensuring timely communication with your target audience.




Send all at a scheduled time

By activating the “Send all at a scheduled time” option, you gain the ability to schedule a message for delivery to your selected contacts at a predetermined date and time. This feature offers convenience and precision in managing your communications, ensuring that your messages reach your intended recipients at the most opportune moment.


Start On


Choose the specific date and time at which you would like to schedule the message for delivery to your contact. This customization allows for tailored communication, ensuring that your message reaches its intended recipient at the most appropriate and effective moment.


Add in drip mode

  1. Batch Quantity

Here you will enter the batch quantity, i.e the number of contacts you want to send messages to per batch.

  1. Repeat After

You can decide to repeat the action after a particular period of time ranging from seconds to days.

  1. Send On

Select the day(s) of the week you will like to send the batch.

  1. The Process between hours (optional)

Select the time duration you will like to start and end the process.



Type the name you will like to describe this action as and this will be shown in the tracking report.

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