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Send Email

Send Email


The send email button enables you to quickly send an email message to a single contact or multiple contacts in one go. To do this, simply select the contacts you would like to include and proceed to the next step.


In just a few clicks, your important message will be delivered with ease. Making the most of bulk sending allows you the convenience of only having to click once, yet assures everyone on your list receives personalized communication.

Drafting Your Email

First, select the Email template you’ll be working with. Input the name of the sender in the From Name field and sender’s email in From Email space provided. Don’t forget one of the essential parts: the Email Subject!


If you don’t want to use a specific template and would prefer to customize your mail, you can do so right in this space. Feel free to get creative with fonts, colors, sizes and more – this is your chance to easily craft an original email that will make your intended audience smile.


Send all at Once

By activating the Send all at Once feature, you gain the ability to instantly include all your selected contacts in the campaign of your choice. This convenient toggle streamlines the process of incorporating your target audience into your marketing efforts, ensuring prompt and effective communication.



Send all at a scheduled time

By enabling the Send all at a scheduled time feature, you gain the capability to schedule a message for delivery to all your chosen contacts at a predetermined date and time. 


This option provides convenience and precision in managing your communications, ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients at the most suitable moment.

Start On


Determine the specific date and time at which you would like to schedule the message for delivery to your contact. This level of customization allows you to optimize your communication efforts, ensuring that your message is received by its intended recipient at the most opportune and impactful time.



Add in drip mode

If you are sending emails to a large number of contacts, it is best to use drip mode. Drip mode will allow you to send the email in batches based on your selected settings.

  1. Batch Quantity

Here you will enter the batch quantity, i.e the number of contacts you want to send a message to per batch.

  1. Repeat After

You can decide to repeat the action after a particular period of time ranging from seconds to days.

  1. Send On

Select the day(s) of the week you will like to send the batch.

  1. The process between hours (optional)

Select the time duration you will like to start and end the process.



Type the name you will like to describe this action, this will be shown in the tracking report.


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