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How To Send Review Requests To Multiple Contacts

Want to request a review of your product or services from your clients? You can easily select the contact(s) and click the ‘Send Review Requests’ button in order to get your client reviews. With this single step you get the ability to reach out to a large group of contacts. It’s just that simple! Additionally, after selecting your contacts you can switch up the review request format in the ‘Reputation’ section found in your CRM for a tailored result.

Requesting A Review

First, choose the contacts you’d like to include in your bulk review request list. Once you have selected them, you can opt to send your requests through either email or SMS, depending on your preference. Simply make your selection and proceed with the process. This efficient approach allows you to reach out to multiple contacts at once, streamlining your efforts in gathering valuable feedback.


Add all at once

By enabling the Add all at Once feature, you gain the ability to send review requests to all of your chosen contacts simultaneously. This efficient method saves time and effort while ensuring that each contact receives the request promptly, allowing you to gather feedback more quickly and effectively.


Add all at a scheduled time

By activating the Add all at a scheduled time option, you can conveniently arrange for all selected contacts to receive the review request at a predetermined time and date. This feature allows you to plan your outreach efforts in advance, ensuring timely and organized communication with your clients while gathering their valuable feedback.


Start On

Choose the specific date and time at which you’d like to schedule the addition of your contacts to the review request. By doing so, you can ensure that your outreach efforts are organized and timed according to your preferences, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined process in gathering feedback from your clients.


Add in drip mode

If you are sending review requests to a large number of contacts, we suggest using the send in drip mode option. This will send the requests in batches rather than all at once.


  1. Batch Quantity 

Here you will enter the batch quantity, i.e the number of contacts you want to send per batch.


  1. Repeat After 

You can decide to repeat the action after a particular period of time ranging from seconds to days


  1. Send On 

Select the day(s) of the week you will like to send the batch.


  1. The process between hours (optional) 

Select the time duration you will like to start and end the process.


Type the name you would like to describe this action. This description will be shown in the tracking report. Make sure whatever you name this action is recognizable when you need to go back and find it in the tracking reports.

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