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How To Remove A Tag From Multiple Contacts

There may be times when you need to remove a tag from either a single contact or even an entire group. To do this, start by simply selecting your desired contacts.


Afterward, locate the “remove tag button” which you’ll find at the bottom of the page. This option allows you to effectively erase any applied tags in just one click! So whether you’re dealing with one contact or many – the task will be painlessly completed!




Removing Contact Tag

Once you have chosen your contacts and pressed the Remove Tag button, a popup will appear. In this popup, click on the space provided to show the drop down tag menu. From here, choose the added tag(s) in order to remove them from the contact(s).

Any selected tags won’t be shown in the tag drop down menu since they are already chosen. If you wish to remove any selected tags, simply press the “x” icon located beside that specific tag.





Type a descriptive name or phrase in the Action text box, which will appear in the tracking report. This could be as simple as a single word that conveys the nature of the action, or something more meaningful about the goal or purpose for this action.

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