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How To Merge Multiple Contacts

Have multiple contacts that are actually the same person? Utilize the helpful ‘merge contacts’ button to combine them into a comprehensive record! Select the contacts in your list that you would like to merge together, and click on the Merge Contact button.


When prompted, you get to decide which information should be included in the combined contact and ensure any critical information isn’t lost — it’s just placed in one centralized home. With this seamless merge utility, you no longer need to jump between multiple contacts with similar data; and managing your customer relationships becomes easier and faster than ever before.



You have to select at least two contacts to be able to access the Merge button.





Merging Contacts

When merging contacts, you’re able to choose which contact you want as the Master Record. This can be easily done right on the page by simply toggling the contact you would like to be used as the master contact. If you would like to select all information from that contact to be used, click on the select all option on the top of the Master Record Card.



Once you click “Confirm and resolve”, this operation becomes irreversible.





Selecting Info To Merge

The following presents a compilation of pertinent data that can be chosen from various contacts and subsequently combined into a single, unified entry under the Master record. This process streamlines your contact management by consolidating multiple related records into one comprehensive and easily accessible entry.




Select All

Additionally, you have the option to utilize the Select all button, which allows you to effortlessly choose all available information pertaining to a specific contact. This feature simplifies the process of gathering comprehensive data on an individual, ensuring that no crucial details are overlooked.




Show Fields With Different Values

By choosing the Show Fields With Different Values option, you can easily view and compare fields that contain varying information. This feature enables you to identify discrepancies or unique data points among your contacts, allowing for more precise record-keeping and analysis.




Show all Fields

In case you prefer to display every field, regardless of their content, simply click on the Show all fields button provided. This option grants you a comprehensive view of all available data for each contact, ensuring that you have access to the complete information set at your fingertips.

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