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How To Export Multiple Contact

If you’re looking to transfer specific contacts from your CRM or marketing campaign, there’s a simple and easy solution! Simply select the contact(s) you would like to download, and click the “export” button. That way, it’ll be quickly downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet on your local device. It might take a few moments to arrive, but once it does you don’t have to worry about manually inputting the data. And since the export feature is so effortless, you can save time for other activities instead of playing data entry clerk!

Exporting Contacts

The downloaded spreadsheet consists of column headers with the contact’s corresponding information including contact ID, first name, last name, business name, phone, email, date the contact was created, date last activity occurred, and tags.

  1. Contact ID

Every contact in your CRM has a unique tracking descriptor known as a Contact ID number. This number will quickly and conveniently allow you to identify and track each contact.


  1. First and Last name

The first and last name is used to assign an owner to your contacts during the import, including the name of the ‘User’

  • Formats:
    • FirstName LastName (e.g. Logan Paul or logan paul).
    • LastName FirstName (e.g. Paul Logan or paul logan).
    • Note: Unless the user has both FirstName and Last Name, the system will not recognize it during the upload.


  1. Business Name

The business name column shows the business name you have entered in relation to the client. This is useful when identifying contacts related to a certain business.


  1. Phone Number
    • For the vast majority of cases, as long as you format the phone numbers in E.164 (Ex: +1 1234567890) our system will recognize it as valid- irrespective of the default Country picked at the sub-account level
    • Additionally, if you have set the Country to the US, the following would work perfectly fine as well
      • 123-456-7890
      • (123) 4567890
      • 1234567890


  1. Email Address

This column shows the contact’s Email address.

While the default unique identifier is Email, our system allows you to choose fields other than Email for de-duplication purposes during the Bulk CSV Upload.


  1. Date and Time Created

This shows the date and time you added this contact to your CRM.

  • Formats:
    • mm/dd/yyyy (e.g. 10/28/2020)
    • yyyy/mm/dd (e.g. 2020/10/28)
    • Min:Sec, AM/PM, Timezone
    • You can also replace ‘/’ with ‘-‘ or ‘.’ and it’ll recognize the uploaded fields as a Date field.


  1. Activity Log

The Last Activity column offers insight into the most recent changes made to a contact record. It displays details such as the precise date and time the alteration was made.


  1. Tag

This will show any tag(s) added to the contact info when adding the contact to the CRM.

  • Formats:
    • Value 1, Value 2, Value 3 …… (e.g. Blue, Yellow, Green or Blue, Yellow, Green or Blue, Yellow, Green)
    • You can also replace ‘ , ‘ with ‘ ; ‘ or ‘ . ‘ and it’ll recognize the uploaded fields as the aforementioned field

Tags (example formats)





ok (will be lowercased)


ok (will be lowercased)

with a space


With A Space

ok (will be lowercased)

pre-existing tag

ok (maps successfully)

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