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How To Add/Update Opportunities For Multiple Contacts

Pipeline Change

Do you need to move a single contact or multiple contacts to different pipelines in your opportunities section? If so, it’s easy! Simply select the contacts you’d like to move, and click on the funnel icon. This action allows you quick and simple access to move as many contacts as necessary within one click. Plus, it’s all done manually, ensuring organization and clarity throughout your entire opportunity list.


Add/Update Opportunity

To add a contact to any of your opportunities, you have to select the contact/s you want to add or update

  1. Select Pipeline

Select the pipeline you will like this contact to be in. It is required you fill this portion.

  1. Select Stage

You will also select the stage in the pipeline you want them to be. It is required you fill this portion.

  1. Opportunity name

This is the name that will appear on the contact’s card in the opportunities section. “Opportunity name” is different from “Contact name”.

  1. Opportunity Source

Type in the source (the platform you got the contact from) of the contact you are adding to your opportunity.

  1. Lead value

Input the estimated value of the client/customer should in case you are able to close the deal(s) with them. Once you close the deal, the value will automatically be added to your revenue.

  1. Opportunity Stage

You will select the stage you want to put the contacts in your opportunity.

  1. Action

Type the name you will like to describe this action, this will be shown in the tracking report.

  1. Add/Update Opportuinty 

Click on the save button to add or update the changes you made.

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