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How To Add Multiple Contacts To A Campaign / Workflow

Adding single or multiple contacts to a particular marketing campaign or workflow is fast and easy. First, simply select the desired contacts. Then, look for the Add to Campaigns/Workflows button with a visually recognizable robot icon to indicate its use! With just one tap of the button, you can add your chosen contacts in much less time than it would have taken before. So complete your work on campaigns and workflows faster by using this time saving feature!



NOTE: Please note The actions will be performed over a period of time. You can track the progress on the bulk actions page.


Selecting Your Campaign/Workflow

Select the workflow you’d like to add your contact(s) to from the dropdown menu. Once selected, choose to add contacts all at once, all at a scheduled time, or add in drip mode. To learn more about workflow, click here: Workflows.


Add all at once

By toggling on the “Add all at Once” option, you can decide to add all your selected contacts to the campaign you have chosen immediately.


Add all at a scheduled time

When you toggle on the “Add all at a scheduled time”, you can schedule all the contacts you’ve selected to be added to the chosen campaign at a set time and date.

Start On

Select the date and time you will like to schedule your contact to be added to the campaign.

Add in drip mode


  1. Batch Quantity 

Here you will enter the batch quantity, i.e the number of contacts you want to send per batch.


  1. Repeat After

You can decide to repeat the action after a particular period of time ranging from seconds to days.


  1. Send On 

Select the day(s) of the week you will like to send the batch.


  1. The process between hours (optional) 

Select the time duration you will like to start and end the process.


Type the name you would like to describe this action. This description will be shown in the tracking report. Make sure whatever you name this action is recognizable when you need to go back and find it in the tracking reports.


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