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Bulk Actions - Overview

When you select a group of contacts from any of your smart lists to perform an action such as add to workflow or sending an email/SMS, your CRM will create this as a bulk action. These actions can be easily monitored and managed in the bulk actions section within the Contacts tab of your CRM. If you have no bulk actions created, this page will be blank.


NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.

Bulk Action Filters


Action Type

Organizing your bulk actions table is easy. All you have to do is start by selecting the Actions drop-down menu at the top of the table, and you’ll be able to filter by specific bulk action types. This way, you can easily locate any action that you’re looking for without having to painstakingly search through each row of data. You will be able to filter by a variety of options, including email/SMS, workflows, opportunities, and tags.





To filter bulk actions by user, select the User dropdown and choose the appropriate team member for your search.





You can filter by status by selecting the Status dropdown, which will give you the ability to cycle between bulk actions within the different delivery stages.

Date Range

You can also filter your Bulk Action using date ranges. Make sure to select a specific date range. Use this to select the date ranges.




Bulk Action Table

In this table, you can manage your Bulk Action and see the activities associated with each Bulk Action.



The name of the bulk action is established by the user who creates the bulk action and can be found in this table column.




Bulk Operation

In this column, you will see the type of bulk action performed, For example; whether that is adding contacts to workflows or sending messages.





Here you will see the status of your bulk actions. You can see if it is still processing, in progress, complete, or canceled.


Click on the “View Details” button to see the Bulk Action Card that consists of the;


  • Bulk action type

  • Bulk action name

  • Additional Details

  • Scheduled Start

  • Mode

  • Added Tags




This column will show you the time and date at which each bulk action was created.





This column will show you which user in your CRM scheduled the bulk action. This is useful when managing teams and employee tasks.





This column shows you the date and time at which your bulk action was completed.





This column will give you the ability to see the statistics of any particular bulk action. You would simply click the “Show Stats” button in this column to see data.


When analyzing the data, you have the ability to click into each data point to see the actual contacts that make up each category of either “successful” or “error”.






Within the statistics, you will be able to see the total amount of actions in the bulk action; the pending actions, successful actions, and the actions that had errors.


Errors can occur for many reasons, including sending emails to invalid email addresses or sending texts to invalid phone numbers.





How do I view the status of my bulk actions?


To view the status of a Bulk Action, go to Contacts > Bulk Actions > Click on the 3 dots Tab where you can view the status and/or pause the action.


What are the rate limits for;


  • Add in drip mode?

    • Frequencies of 30 sec – 1 min: 1,000 messages per minute

    • Frequencies of 5 min: 4,999 messages per minute

    • Frequencies of 6 min – 10min: 5,000 messages per minute

    • Frequencies of Above 10 min: 10,000 messages per minute


  • Add all at once & Add all at a scheduled time?

    • Less than 10k – we process – 15k contacts per hour

    • More than 10k but less than 50k – we process – 6k contacts per hour

    • More than 50k but less than 70k – we process – 3k contacts per hour

    • More than 70k – we process – 1.5k contacts per hour


How far in advance can we schedule bulk actions?

Bulk Actions cannot be scheduled to run more than 720 hours in the future (approximately 30 days).

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