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How To Edit/Update The Calendar Availability & Slot Settings

The Calendars tab of the CRM contains an availability section. From here, you can set how available your calendar will be. By customizing your preferences in this section, you can easily manage and maximize the accessibility of your calendar. The availability section brings control and freedom over when you’d like to allow customers to schedule appointments on your calendar.



Time zone

You have the freedom to determine the timezone of your personal calendar. Should you work with clients across different regions, they do not need to use the exact same time zone. You will still remain informed and be able to access their calendar appointments seamlessly using the pre-set timezone of your choice.


Working Days

By clicking any of these days of the week buttons, you can turn on or off which days you are available for people to schedule on your calendar.


Working Hours

Here you can set the working hours for you to receive an appointment. If you have decided to take the appointment during a specific time slot, this will allow you to do that.


Add Working Hours

If you would like to split your working hours into two parts then you can do it with this option. example, for the first half you will take the appointment from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and for the second half, you will set the time as 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Copy to all (working hours)

Once you have set the working hours for the first day of the week, you can set the same working hours for the rest of the days of the week by using the “Copy to all” option.

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