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How To Create A New Calendar

How To Create A New Calendar

Are you ready to start creating new calendars? By visiting the calendars tab in your CRM, you can create and manage different types of calendars based on your needs. These calendars allow you to create booking calendars for appointments, classes, and more!


How to Create a New Calendar

To get started, locate the Create Calendar button in the upper right corner of the page. Click the button, and a drop-down menu with calendar types will appear! Skim each option carefully to find one that will serve your desired purpose, such as professional, educational, or daily use. Once you have decided, simply select it and customize your calendar to tailor it to your needs!

Select Calendar Type

There are four types of calendars available to choose from:

  1. Round Robin Booking​
  2. ​Unassigned Booking​
  3. Class Booking
  4. ​Collective Booking (Coming soon)​

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