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Calendar Preferences


Calendar preferences give you the ability to change specific parameters around Meeting location, time, and language.

Updating My Preference

User Preference

  • Zoom Choose this if you wish to meet over zoom. It sets the default Zoom Meeting in the CRM as the preference.

  • Google meet Choose this for a meeting over a Google Meet. It sets the default Zoom Meeting in the CRM as the preference.

  • Custom You can also set a custom location for your meeting. Custom location can also be a phone number in case you want to get on a discovery call with your client before you jump on a zoom.

  1. Meeting Location Select the meeting venue; Zoom Meeting or Google Meet, and connect.


Account Preference

Here you can set up account preferences.


In-App Preference


View Options


With view options, you can choose the day of your preference for the calendar week to start. As shown in the image below, you can select Monday as a starting day of the week or it can also be Sunday if you would like it to be.


Widget Preference


Language and Region

Lets you choose the language for your calendar. From the dropdown menu, you can select the language of your choice.

Time Format


Time format lets you select between a 24-hour clock and a 12-hour clock for calendar operations.



View Options


Allows you to set the preferences for widgets.

  • Week Starts On Choose which day you want your calendar week to begin. We suggest Sunday or Monday, but this is entirely up to you.


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