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Calendar Connections

In the Connections section of the Calendars tab you can manage calendar integrations with Google or Outlook calendars, Zoom, Stripe, and Local Service Ads. Using these connections allow for a more seamless flow when scheduling appointments and utilizing virtual meetings via Zoom and payments via Stripe. Connecting your Google or Outlook calendars allows you to sync your personal calendar to check for open booking slots for customers.



Selecting Main Integration Calendar

If you want to connect your Google or Outlook calendar, clicking on the “Connect” button provides a convenient way to set up the integration. You’ll be redirected to a settings page where you can finalize the connection. If you already have one account connected, no need to worry — using this tab you can link up more. Once you have a calendar connected, you can choose the primary calendar from the dropdown menu in My Connections under Main Integration Calendar.


Events created on a system calendar that you are a part of will also be created on this integrated calendar



Here you can view the calendars you have connected to your CRM such as google calendar, and Microsoft Calendar.


Connect Tab

Connect tab allows you to connect your google account with the CRM in case you haven’t connected it already or you would like to connect an additional account. After clicking on the “Connect” tab, you will be taken to an integration settings page to complete the process.




Here you can view and manage conferencing settings for your calendar.


Connect Tab

Clicking this button will open a pop-up for you to sign in to your zoom account. Once signed in, you will see your zoom account linked here.


Account Connections

In Account Connections, you will be able to integrate your Stripe account and Local Service Ads account if you have these. Stripe will allow you to collect payments while Local Service Ads will allow you to connect your ad account to your calendar.


Payment Options

To connect your stripe account with your CRM, you will need to click on the stripe payment option.


Connect Stripe

Upon clicking the stripe option, you can click on the connect tab. you will be taken to the integration settings page of the CRM to complete the next steps.



Local Service Ads

In order to connect your Local Service Ads account, you will need to complete the integration process. Click on the connect tab to go to the integration menu where you can complete the necessary steps.

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