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Find Appointments within a Contact

Contact Information Panel

On the far right side of any contact section, you’ll find additional information about the contact in the contact information panel. This information is designed to give you more control over each contact in your system and allows you to perform different actions for each contact.



Different Information Tabs

The contact information panel includes four tabs – Activity, Task, Notes, and Appointment, each providing more control over different aspects of each contact in your CRM.



Contact Activity Tab

Contact activity is essential when tracking where the contact visited your website, how they contacted you (via email, phone, or text), and even when they made a purchase.

Contact Activity History

In the Activity tab, you can see the historical data and a timeline of your contact’s activity, including any website interactions. Remember, you will not see any website information here unless your website is built inside of this CRM.

Contact Attribution

Attribution is a very important tool when understanding where your contact FIRST interacted with your company, and where they LAST interacted with your company.

Contact Tasks Tab

Using the Task tab, you can create tasks for each contact manually. To create a task, you need to assign it to a registered user in your CRM. This feature allows you to stay organized and manage your to-do list efficiently.



Contact Notes Tab

The Notes tab enables you to take notes for each contact, which can be a vital tool when dealing with customers and new leads. Creating a note is as easy as selecting the tab and entering the information. Each note has a timestamp and can be edited later, so you can keep track of all relevant information about each contact.


Contact Appointment Tab

In the Appointment tab, you can schedule appointments for contacts. To schedule an appointment, you first need to create calendars in your CRM. This feature allows you to schedule appointments for sales, customer support, or any other purpose, making it easier to manage your appointments and stay organized.

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